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Written by Administrator on July 2, 2006 – 8:55 pm -

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Something is screwy with my rss feed. I may have to start just giving you direct contact to my feed. Anyway, I have problems. I just found out that the college I wanted to go to is closing down. I really have problems now. I guess I’ll need to get a job now because I can’t get into a university till at least this winter. So if there is any game makers needing testers, I have experience at Microsoft.

Let’s get into the videos before the show. Both videos are from people and things I met at the casual game conference called casuality. First video is from a game called KartRacer. It is one of the hottest games in Korea and has it’s own championship games on TV. the video shows the games announcers are taken this as serious as an NBA game in the states. The next video (Warning: Bad Language) is from a guy I met named Adam Poots. He interveiwed for Atari and to show him how badly he wanted to help them, he made this video and I can’t say enough on how good it is. By the way, he got the job.

A special Casuality show will be coming up next week. Enough talk, let’s get to this.

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