Episode 42 knows the Konami Code

Written by Administrator on July 9, 2006 – 9:42 pm -

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Sorry for having these shows a day late. I’ve been having busy Saturdays with my brother’s wedding and our family building a deck. I promise next week will be on time and with another contest. Listen in for a chance to win a prize from Casuality. I’ll also have the Casuality show up this week with tons of interesting interviews.

The video I have for this week is a konami promotion for it’s new phone games. I thought it was pretty sweet. The other item I have is a free song from Weird Al himself. Visit the link and it should be in the middle of the page. Anyways, here is the Show Notes:

Game News:

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  1. Ryan Perry Says:

    I need help on the game above. I need to get a blue eyes white dragon and iv matched up atleast 20 or 30 3 in a row slots and still no blue eyes…..any help???

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