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Written by Administrator on September 14, 2006 – 1:24 am -

I enjoy fantasy football ever since my brother bought a crummy computer football game that came with a free Fantasy Football book. It’s an interesting sport with a lot of strategy, cunningness, and a huge amount of luck. Steve from the Extra Points podcast has let me enter a “Podcasters League” so I can finally see how good I am at these things. Here are my competitors:

I was computer drafted with my picks so here’s who I got drafted with:

  • Matt Hasselback, QB of the Seattle Seahawks
  • Larry Fitzgerald, WR of the Arizona Cardinals
  • Chris Chambers, WR of the Miami Dolphins
  • Thomas Jones, RB for the Chicago Bears
  • Mike Bell, RB for the Denver Broncos
  • Dallas Clark, TE for the Indianapolis Colts
  • Joey Galloway, WR for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Drew Bledsoe, QB for the Dallas Cowboys
  • Michael Jenkins , WR for the Atlanta Falcons
  • Jerramy Stevens, TE for the Seattle Seahawks
  • Nate Washington, WR for the Pittsburg Steelers
  • Jason Elam, K for the Denver Broncos
  • Matt Stover, K for the Baltimore Ravens
  • Pittsburg Steeler Defense
  • Atlanta Falcon Defense

This might change if things get interesting. But I should have a solid team. (Excluding RB) Hope to see you all at the Super Bowl.

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