Episode 57 thinks Mega Man is Metrosexual?

Written by Administrator on October 21, 2006 – 11:06 pm -


So the name of the post is weird but come on, having tons of different color suits for different ocasions? Well anyway, this show is my longest clocking in at 23:17. I feel dirty but I hope you enjoy it. I’m thinking of dropping the videos for a question of the week and doing more news you won’t hear on the other podcasts as I bet you already hear what I say. So email me what you think so I can make the changes or not. Thanks for the support and tons of contest emails.

The first video I talked about is for Super Godzilla Bros.. You’ll see what I mean. Second is Bob Sapp and Downtown. You’ll see a K1 fighter try to make japanese comedians laugh. Priceless.

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