Episode 60 has too many games.

Written by Administrator on November 12, 2006 – 10:14 pm -


So this show had over 90 games so it has another 5 minutes added to the show. On the upside, I finally figured out a contest for the Christmas prize I wanted to give away. Stay tuned for a promo for it and a great opportunity for all my listeners to win an awesome prize.

For videos this week, I have two Robot Chicken clips. One is Mario Bros. meet Grand Theft Auto, and the other is a claymation version of Calvin and Hobbes.

Game News:

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Top Games in UK

Video Game Trivia

The promo played was for the Josh in Japan.

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Game of the Week

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  1. Shaded Spriter Says:

    The real ends of the titles were better than my ones:

    Geometry Wars: I shouldn’t of taken that LSD.
    Dragon Quest VIII: now with 20% more dragons.
    Super Mario Land 2: Does anyone still play the Gameboy anymore?

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