XPlatform Episode 4

Written by Administrator on November 10, 2006 – 4:56 pm -


This week is late again but that’s my fault. My guests this week were awesome and we had some great talk about gaming and other stuff. I also have a logo for the podcast. If anyone would like to make it look 10X better, please email me. Still looking for European guests so email me if you want in on this to gameadddicthotline@gmail.com . My guests for this show were:

Topics discussed were:

Music for the show compliments of Nullsleep

Please leave a comment or email me at
gameaddicthotline@gmail.com or call at (206)202-4367.

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2 Comments to “XPlatform Episode 4”

  1. Dan Amrich Says:

    Who is this “Dan Allard”? :)

  2. Administrator Says:

    Fixed. I tell you, at least the show is flawless right? right? :-)

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