Too sick to podcast. Shame comes upon me.

Written by Administrator on December 2, 2006 – 11:42 pm -

Sorry guys, no show this week. This is the first week since I started that I will not have a show. I may have mono so this will take a while to fight. I’ll try hard to get one set up for you next week, but this week it’s pure rest for me. If you listen to me on I’ll probably have a interview episode up from the first year of the show. Until then guys, Play with your new toys. I got a Wii so I’ll try but I have been so out of it, I’ll have to wait before I can vast in all it’s beauty.

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2 Comments to “Too sick to podcast. Shame comes upon me.”

  1. Gavin Says:

    Hey! Thanks for all the awesome comments and linkbacks. I’ve listened to your show when you talked about TViJ and it’s awesome!

    Hope you feel better!


    Gavin (Mr. TV in Japan)

    P.S. if you want something to do during your sickness period and need to take a break from the Wii check out my new website at It’s a social top ten list site and I think you might like it. Lots of game themed lists already to start rating if you’re into it.

    Anyways, get better!

  2. me Says:

    dude feel better luke!

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