Episode 66 can’t remember the words to Aude Lang Syne

Written by Administrator on December 31, 2006 – 11:09 pm -


So the end of the year has come upon us. It’s been a interesting year. We started with no games for the Xbox 360 til Oblivion came out. We seen week after week of no Gamecube games, way too many crappy Gameboy Advance games come out that are shouting crappy developers or over demanding publishers and the end of E3. Hopefully this next year will come with less crap and more awesomeness.

By the way, at the end of the podcast the voice is my niece. I hope that you have had a great year and that the next will be great for you. I am moving out to Bellingham Washington to Western Washington University. I’m going to try and get a radio show so we can have some live stuff on the Allgames.com site. No videos this week because I have no time this week to get one.

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Sam and Max: Situation Comedy

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