Episode 68 is in a new location

Written by Administrator on January 21, 2007 – 11:53 pm -


I finally am in Bellingham and now will have the show here for the next 1 1/2 years. It’s sweet that I have my own place to be now. I’m working on prize sending so no contest this week. Send me a email if I have missed you.

We have some cool videos this week. The first is a showing of the new food that fast food companies in Japan are selling. McDonald’s sure love to kill cows for out lovely meals. The other is a video from Game Politics about the ESRB from the Attorney General in Utah. This is after a law in Utah on game violence was dropped when the Attorney General knew that it could be found unconstitutional and now Jack Thompson is on the case to sue harass him since he headed the law.

Game News:

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The promo played was for the Amateur Traveler Podcast

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  1. Chris Christensen Says:

    Hey, thanks for playing my promo! That was a nice surprise.

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