Episode 69 only watches the Tecmo Super Bowl

Written by Administrator on February 3, 2007 – 8:37 pm -


Hey everyone. I’m back. Everything is back to normal and I have my show back up to 20 minutes. I have to announce that I am going to GDC this year and hope to get tons of interviews from game makers and journalists. Hopefully we can have more new guests for Xplatform because of this. Maybe other things will happen too. Anyway, Hope you are enjoying the Super Bowl this week. My Seahawks are out so I’m not too interested. Anyway, lets see some videos.

This first one is a video I think everyone has seen but I will put it up anyway. It’s the Colts vs. Bears in a Tecmo Super Bowl. The other one I have is about a Chimp named Pan-kun. He is trying to become a fire fighter. Super Kawaii.

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