Super Huge Contest Surprise OK?

Written by Administrator on February 9, 2007 – 11:02 am -

Hey guys. It is time for me to get this thing off my hands and into one lucky winners. I received a while back a 13 month Xbox 360 Gold card and was hoping to use it for my Xbox 360. Unfortunitly, fate doesn’t want me to get a 360 so I’m going to start off a Contest for it. Let me give you the facts.

PRIZE: 13 month Xbox Live membership card.

WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO: Send me a voice mail, an audio file or an email with your best “I knew I was a game addict and needed help when I….” story.

DEADLINE: April 1st. 2007

This contest is available for ALL people and please try to send only one of your best stories. I know some of you have a few good ones but let us give everyone a fair chance to win. I will have a special edition of the Daily Game Addiction and will name off the winner with the top 5 stories and some of the audio stories. Good Luck to all.

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