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Howdy all. Well I bought my ticket and hotel for GDC this week. I was pretty amazed at the price. Luckily I’m getting back all the taxes Nintendo took from me so I thank Nintendo for helping me out. I got a hotel room with two single beds so if you are going, send me an email and we could share the room. I’m hoping to go to a lot of parties. I know Gamer Andy got invited to some sweet ones already so I’m going to see what I can do. I will be at the Casual Game Association party. That will be awesome.

I’m doing great here at WWU now. I thought I was in trouble a few weeks ago, but now I am feeling great about how I’m doing. I’m also a news reader on 89.5 KUGS in Bellingham.

For commercials this week, I have an extended spot for my favorite Super Bowl commercial. I also have a guy who does a great rendition of Bach on the accordian.

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