GEC 06 in Seattle is Postponed

Written by Administrator on February 22, 2007 – 11:48 pm -

I am not sure what is up and I’m still trying to contact the people in charge but the site for GEC 06 stated that the conference will be held in the summer so I will keep trying to see if this changes so those who come upon my site can get a more in-depth reason why.


So I just spent about 45 minutes talking with the guys guy running the GEC. It seems it’s a sad story that many event planners have with great ideas and good planning but not enough man power to get it done. He has postponed the event due to the lack of people helping him with the event and lack of ticket sales.

Brian Sturm commented that only a few people registered by early January and that he had to send back the money to those who registered for the event in January. He also told me that he lost connection with the site when a partner left and told the company serving the site that they could cancel the account on the site. He did not receive access to the site until Febuary 2nd.

Brian commented to me that he still has support from Gas Powered Games and other companies for the event and that he will be dropping the price hard as he is securing a much cheaper event center in the Seattle area.

Brian wants to apologize to everyone that was hoping to come and is now working on getting volunteers for the event and working on having the event later this year. If you are interested in volunteering at GEC07, contact Brian at bsp.bstorm at geconf dot com he would really appreciate it.

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