Episode 75′ was the release of pong in the home.

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So I’m a little bummed this week about podcasting. I guess this started out after the Thursday of GDC. I felt pretty good about being press and seeing the others there and not seeing too many there. But after Thursday, I felt really depressed because I was a lonely podcaster that had only a few listeners, (There are only 400 of you with 150 not a part of XB Stream.) very little experience, and was not considered press to some of the press. I really felt depressed and it hasn’t really left. So this weeks show is pretty much me trying to act happy.

School on the other hand is excelent with good grades and finals looking like a good thing. I hope to get a 3.0 or better average on my grades for this semester. I’m going to be in a TESL courses next semester and hope to love those. Anyway, XPlatform and a GDC show coming soon and more writings of events I assume that no one went to and I’ll add my pictures too.

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