Play the Original Oregon Trail Online

Written by Administrator on November 1, 2005 – 10:29 pm -

You can play an online emulator of the classic game Oregon Trail. You can also play many other Apple II games too.

UPDATE: (April 4,07)
It now works with Firefox. To use with Firefox, you must allow them to install a plugin. I found if I gave them permission to allow for popups, that I could download the plugin.

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148 Comments to “Play the Original Oregon Trail Online”

  1. josh Says:

    why the f*** cant i play the oregon trail. i want to kill me some bucks

  2. Administrator Says:

    You need Internet Explorer. The program uses activex. Firefox and other browsers dont use it

  3. Cacey Wilson Says:

    I really would love to play this game!, Thank You so very much, bubye.

  4. travis Says:

    why can’t i play this game

  5. corbin Says:

    I really whant to play this game because its really fun I like to cross the river and shoot wild game

  6. chas Says:

    i have internet explorer.why can’t i play?

  7. Administrator Says:

    Sorry Guys. I didn’t relize it linked to something else. I have fixed the link. Thanks for coming to the site.

  8. milly Says:

    in reply to all your problems press the read more under all the writeing and presstoe!!!!!!hope it works for you

  9. Dan Says:

    I still cant play the game.

  10. jessica Says:

    this site is stupid. If you cant supply the game, then quit advertising your site.

  11. Administrator Says:

    Fixed the “Read More” into “Click here to Play”. I hope this makes it easier for people to get into the game. Also, I didn’t advertise this except saying it was on my blog on digg and it being linked from MSN search and Google. If you still have problems e-mail me or write in the comments. I read everything sent to me and I’m not big enough not to reply back.


  12. Mariel Says:

    Have IE but run on Mac X, doesn’t seem to want to work. am I outta luck? (I feel a sense of irony here…)


  13. Amanda Says:

    I want to download the f**king game and it wont let me what the hell is going on! Where can i find it?

  14. jake Says:

    i have internet explorer 7 and it still doesn’t let me play this game or any of the other games on here why is that?

  15. Amanda Says:

    How can I flip to disk 2, if I don’t have disk 2? I can’t get any further than disk 1. Can you help?

  16. Alyssa Says:

    OMG!! i love this game! except when a robber comes,boat sinks,and some one dies!Its really annoying!

  17. Stephanie Says:

    omgg!! i love the games on this website there so cool.

  18. cammy Says:

    awesome! i miss ths game no matter how many time ive beaten it its still rocks my socks right off my feet. loved it when i was kid granted the graphics arent as good and the games not as complex as the original it still rocks!

  19. Jason Says:

    Thanks for the nostalgia, mate. All these games are true classics.

  20. Jonathan Says:

    I was just playing and it worked fine, came back and it is not working.

  21. katie Says:

    y the f*** cant i play this mother f***** game

  22. Kim Says:

    Icant get on the game and i realy want to play it. really really really really really really really really really really really really want to plat it

  23. Dawn Says:

    Do you know how to access the second disk for Oregon Trail?

  24. Samantha Says:

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  25. Samantha Says:

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  26. katie s. Says:

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  27. Angela Says:

    I really appreciate you trying to make this game available for all of us to enjoy, but is there an easier way, or another site that you know of to access it? Thanks!

  28. David Says:

    I have the newest version of firefox ( installed on my mac, but it won’t let me play the game. It won’t even let me install the plug-in. Any advice?

  29. kat Says:

    I downloaded and was able to play for two seconds then it crashed each time. Effen game!

  30. eric Says:

    umm… why microsoft windows?
    my nine year old sister uses windows

    let’s get some linux compatability

  31. billy weed Says:

    billy weed says: why the f*** can’t I play!

  32. joy Says:

    i *heart* this game! imma go play it again!

  33. karen Says:

    i love this game. it makes me feel young again

  34. Lisa Says:

    OK, I am a naive computer bimbo and I could find the appropriate plug in for my Mac OS X. Just follow the links to manual and voila!

    Thanks very much for making the game available here. I can’t wait to play with my kids!

  35. angie Says:

    hey how do you play i cant even find the play button!!!!!!!!!!

  36. christal Says:

    umm i can’t even play this stupid
    game they espect me to buy it i’m
    finna go on ebay.

  37. Alice Says:

    I consider myself not a dumb computer person. But I try and install the plug-in and I can’t figure it out. When I click the manual link it just takes me to the frequently downloaded ones, and I tried searching for ActiveGS, like it has on the Oregon Trail website, but no luck. Can anyone help me? This is driving me crazy!

    Comment from Lisa
    Time: January 14, 2008, 10:58 am

    OK, I am a naive computer bimbo and I could find the appropriate plug in for my Mac OS X. Just follow the links to manual and voila!

    Thanks very much for making the game available here. I can’t wait to play with my kids!

  38. Amber Says:

    How can switch to Disk 2? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  39. zeby Says:

    what the duece man. I dont even want to wait for it to down load friut it

  40. jamie Says:

    i use internet explorer but i cant play it i dont think.any help

  41. Latonya Says:

    I really want to play this game… but it want let me… can someone tell me how to get this game….

  42. Taylor Says:

    I have IE and still can’t play…..
    I’m lost?

  43. lisa Says:

    i was wondering if there is a way to save?

  44. Brianna Says:


  45. hunter Says:

    I don’t know why people wont make it easy. Why don’t you just make it one f***ing button to push and BADABING, play Oregon Trail. Every site i go to has a different problem. I think people are doing this on purpose to f**k with you, cuz it is the least complex game ever and I cant imagine why people dont just make a version that is playable.

  46. Angel Says:

    Why do we always have to download with all the tech. we should be able to just play the oregon trail online.

  47. Amanda Says:

    woah….i seriously remember playing this in grade school……WOW.

  48. Kerie Says:

    please can you tell me how to get from disc one to disk 2. it won’t let me switch. i have gotten as far as i can from disc on. thanks a bunch.

  49. trevor Says:

    I think it is so dume that you cant play the dame game online

  50. trevor Says:

    hey does anyone have the game on disc?

  51. griffin Says:

    i use to have it butt now i don’t

  52. griffin Says:

    i use to have it but now i don’t

  53. Laura Burgos Says:

    i really think that it sucks really bad

  54. fartmaster Says:

    i luv dis game. its so fun, i want to scalp me some injuns fo real.

  55. GeRaRdO Says:

    u r cool

  56. GeRaRdO Says:

    u r cool

  57. Rufus Says:

    I played it just fine and on top of that made the top ten so if you can play it, that can only mean two things. One, your comp just sucks, or two, your not following the directions at all. Take you pick. Whoever put this on here………. Thank you. I been waiting since elementary school to get back at this and I FINALLY made it to oregon. A chapter in my book of life is finally complete

  58. brandon Says:

    i want to play the game s***

  59. Lisa Says:

    How do you get to hunt? it’s been a long time i don’t remember

  60. umm Says:

    ummmmm why the hell cant i play this fucking game im getting pissed off

  61. nick Says:

    How do I load disk two? Grrrrr…………..

  62. Daniel Says:

    Uh, it doesn’t work.

  63. Michael Says:

    Ok WTF I love this game with a passion and I have internet explorer AND updated newest version of Jave yet I still can’t get the dang game to work, such a let down…

  64. rebecca lewis Says:

    HHHEEEEYYY!!! Whats up i was just droppin by to say hey hoe! and i am like so bored!

  65. Kelly Says:

    Whats with Diskette 2?? How do I get around that? I was doing so good, too~!!!

  66. Amanda May Says:

    I know alot of other people have posted the same question, but there hasn’t been an answer yet. How do you access disk two when you aren’t even playing with a disk?

  67. cccccccccccc Says:

    i have this game on my apple computer so haha

  68. kayla Says:

    wtf i cnt even play the damn game this is so lame

  69. Fred Says:

    I have interrnet explorer all updated but get just some noise when I click on the “click here to play link”

  70. laura Says:

    when it says put in 2 diskette u have to press f3 and than space..than it makes it think that u did put it in

  71. bryce Says:

    Pressing f3 makes the screen zoom out, showing all open windows at once (I’m on an Intel Mac.) It does nothing for making the game switch to disc 2.
    I’ve seen the question posted on 20 message boards and nobody seems to have a solution. Bummer.

  72. danna Says:

    How am I going to play the oregon trail when it doesn’t let me download it or play it!!!!!!!

  73. Rob Says:

    Trust me you dont want to play this game its an ollllllld version. Its so boring

  74. Nicole Says:

    I have seen the question “How do I continue playing the game?” a lot and this person in charge of this site says he will respond to our questions. I have the same question and I still don’t have the answer!

  75. Brianna Says:

    I dont know how to get on the game can u tell me how?

  76. Katie Says:

    How do I get to disk two if the F3 and space bar trick doesn’t work? I’m using a Dell Laptop.

  77. Bob Says:

    After I get halfway thru with the game it tells me to flip the disc and I click the bottom link that says change disc but nothing happens…any suggestions?

  78. marliece Says:

    this game is stupid who ever made it is a loser i have everything i need how about actually making it work

  79. makayla Says:

    josh….. because you r a ugly b****

  80. someone Says:

    Please tell me why i can’t get this game to work, because this is the only oregon trail i can find online. I am starting to get mad! Please help me! – thanks : )

  81. hank Says:

    i really like oregen trails but it has no noise and u gyes could have a newer version of oregen trails and i love u doods like heek LLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE Henry the bully

  82. Harkness Says:

    Nice blog and thanks for the post!

  83. pos Says:

    Great stuff!

  84. Pulera Says:

    Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. Saved me some time. :)


  85. Rose Says:

    How do you hunt??

  86. oregone Says:

    To flip the disk, click on the game window in the middle of the browser, THEN click f3. That way it won’t do whatever shortcut it’s programmed to do for your OS or browser. Hope that helps!

  87. Cletus Says:





  88. JOHN Says:

    this place sucks ass.

  89. David Anber Says:

    I loved this game as a kid!

  90. Lita Says:

    i’ve played this game like four times now, and it never lets me shoot any game. why do i buy ammunition if i can’t shoot game.

    how do i get to that part? i wanna shoot some buck and deer.

  91. babygirl Says:

    i want to play this f***ing game

  92. michael Says:

    wat the fuck y cant i play!!!!!

  93. Chris Says:

    How do you play oregon trail on a mac since they cant use internet explorer

  94. hector Says:

    great game

  95. kp Says:

    i love this game

  96. Dani Says:

    Very cool to find this game online- takes me back to my childhood. Everyone with their profanity-ridden frustrated comments is kinda ruining the spirit though. (I don’t shy away from profanity… but this is not the place. It’s just a free game with bad graphics, after all. [Love it, though!.])

  97. alyssa rehm Says:

    this is a awsome game

  98. Ozzy 13 Says:

    This game is totally awesome and very fun and realistic!!!!

  99. Ozzy 13 Says:

    This game is totally awesome and very fun and really gay

  100. carly Says:

    who ever made up this game is awesome. this is one of the funniest games i have ever played but it is kind of gay
    This game is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. taylor Says:

    very funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  102. miley Says:

    wat the why can’t i play

  103. Buto Foru Says:

    Luke your an a**hole, you piece of sh*t, all you want is to market you site, I just want to cross the river, hunt, and make it to oregon so i can settle down, start a ranch, and make a tribe of babies, and you ruined it administrator, hope your finger nail and toe nails fall off and salt finds its way on it

  104. sam Says:

    Life sucks D****

  105. devin dray Says:

    wow this game is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Zach Says:

    Worked fine for me, great job. I’ve never played this version before we had the old school one on the old PET which was near impossible to beat. I actually made it through this one and the graphics are a lot better so I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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  108. sdfghjkl Says:


  109. you dont need to know! Says:

    ma why cant i play this game i have never ever played this game but i heard it was realy awsome so thats why i realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wants to play it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hate websites were you have to downlowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. mother Says:

    this is stupid

  111. missycassidy Says:


  112. bill Says:


  113. bill Says:

    cool is

  114. Tyler Says:


  115. alaisha Says:

    it doesnt matter anyways so you cant get mad at the administrator because you cant play and some of you maybe to young to be cursin so i should apologize to the administator

  116. hi Says:

    have to have some plugin software. bleeeeeeh.

  117. hi Says:

    stupid game i cant play it

  118. hi Says:

    stupid game
    F*** this games

  119. madison Says:

    how can i play it without spendi’n 4 smackers?!

  120. jamie Says:

    what the f@#$%&* i cant play it damn you

  121. kyleigh marburger Says:

    i love this game its so cool we played this in 4th grade

  122. imdyin Says:

    the boner grew as i advanced in the game

  123. Dax Says:

    ive been looking all fucking day for a place to play oregon trail but every time i fine somthing that says i can ply it its like this stupid as website

  124. cheyenne stone Says:

    how will you be able to play the game at school?

  125. briannaC Says:

    Why cant i Play the STUPID game what website do i go to and what kind Firefox or Internet Explorer?????????????????????????????????????

  126. Alex Says:

    Everything worked perfectly thank you!

  127. mike Says:

    i cant play why

  128. zaleigha Says:

    this game is alsome u have to try it. it is so much fun your love it

  129. hayley Says:

    this is a cool game and it isn`t hard

  130. luis Says:

    this game is fun

  131. ♥♥♥♥ Says:

    HEYY!!!!! i freakin luv this game….so addicting


  132. cæsær Says:

    fuckin IE blocks the DL, cannot do anything about it either

  133. Ally Says:

    wtf i cant find this game ANYWHERE im gonna die if i cant play it D:

  134. Matthew Stewart Says:

    I was frustrated at first but then realized the simple link on the right side of the page. To play the game you just go to this link and then click “Java version of the game” in the little window on the right side of the page under “Download Disk Images” It worked for me!!

  135. Elizabeth v Says:

    I hope this works

  136. megan Says:

    stupid computer cant play this game forget it

  137. Alexa Says:

    Why can I not play oregon trail on the internet??!!??

  138. gmoch Says:

    this game is fun!!!!!!!

  139. Amber Says:

    I love the game.We played it and learned it in third grade.

  140. Amber Says:

    This game is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. ally Says:

    it won’t let me play because I have to download adobe flash

  142. haley Says:

    Hey,how do you log in to this junk

  143. Kayla Says:

    omg you guys are so stupid with your comments. excpecially Samantha.

  144. christine Says:

    i want to play the game! it says my computer is unregistered!

  145. Nonya Buisness Says:

    can u play it without downloading it?

  146. mystic_chick03 Says:

    lol, i used 2 play oregon trail as a kid and think, ‘have we evolved since then?’

  147. oregon trail game - Dnews Says:

    […] Play the original oregon trail online – game addict […]

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