Episode 76′ was the release of Breakout

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Well I am back and ready for action. I was a little down last week but I’m a lot better. I have had a lot of time to think and now I feel that I wasn’t working hard enough. I am going to try more to get more shows out. Speaking of that, the GDC show should be out this week.

I’m going back to videos again as I saw enough of em last week. The first one is a song from a show I have been watching called My Boss, My Hero and it reminds me a lot about myself. The second video is a great video of a show they need to get to the states called Shaun the Sheep. And the last is a great parody of Dora the Explorer.

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2 Comments to “Episode 76′ was the release of Breakout”

  1. boy advanced advance » Game Addict Hotline - Episode 75 Says:

    […] Original post by gameaddicthotline@gmail.com (Luke Stapley) […]

  2. Mike Says:

    dora the explorer cracked me up! thanks for the link luke

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