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Sad to think that Nolan Bushnell, creator of Atari, started Pizza Time Theater (later Chuck E. Cheese’s) which became one of the most noisiest, craziest, crap pizza places in the world for parents and kids. I remember when my brother had a birthday party at the old Pizza Time Theater and the animatronic band (I’m not saying life-like because they were not life-like) and wishing him a happy birthday. Hopefully I’m telling this right or my mom is going to kill me.

School is starting up again and I have 2 English teaching classes and a Mass Media Law class so I’m extra busy. Luckily I have no class on Monday’s and Friday’s. I really hope that this doesn’t stop me from that GDC show I’ve promised you.

for videos, I’ll remind you all of my experience of Pizza Time Theater with this clip. And then a humorous clip about a dog and his owner.

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