Episdode 85′ Brings Gaming Back with the NES

Written by Administrator on July 3, 2007 – 9:44 pm -


Happy holidays everyone in North America. It’s been a pretty great time. Classes are a lot easier, I’m working out, and preparing for work at Casual Connect. Too bad I got sick this weekend and didn’t get the podcast up til now. Hopefully I can do a lot better.

GDC interviews are done. Now I just need to throw them all up. I’m thinking about just doing a GDC show instead of a GAH podcast, but looking at news today, I think that I may do both. Hope you enjoy the show.

For videos, I’ve been really looking at the Gordon Ramsay show on the BBC and it makes me wonder about how I’m doing on the podcast. Also been enjoying the randomness of the web.

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