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Written by Administrator on July 22, 2007 – 1:38 pm -

I’ve been working my butt off for and have over 13 interviews in the works or completed for them. I don’t think that with my schedule, I will have a show. On the bright side, I’ll link you to the interviews and the rss feed so that you can subscribe to the podcast and listen to me talk to a bunch of people in the casual market.

In my opinion, the show wasn’t as exciting as it was last year. Last year was my first time viewing the casual game market and it was amazing to see what electricity came out of it. It seemed like they all were together to make great games that the player would love and were making great strides in gaining respect in the gaming industry. Today it seemed that the Casual Connect was all about business. Game makers making deals with portals such as RealArcade, Pogo, and Big Fish, people talking about how to make a better business, and how the big boys were finally seeing how much the casual game industry was making and wanted in on it too. This was a year (as one friend told me) that there was a shift in what the casual game will now be. Some was positive for the gamer and the companies. Some were bad with the fear of slowed innovation and consolidation.

Though I may have only been in the casual journalist market for a while, I can see that this has become the E3 of casual games. Not the old E3, but the new E3. Luckily everything was all in one place. Hopefully next year will bring more exciting items that will rejuvenate the game makers to do more , but I still believe (which I think is the point of the whole conference from its conception) that money will talk and money will be a key issue in this conference. Hopefully money will be a “something I had to do while I was here” than a “something we have to do while I am here” and innovation will be the main theme at the conference.

PS: No more Keynotes that sound like sale pitches. Both Microsoft and Viacom felt like they were advertising to companies to sign with them instead of bringing insight and ideas to the market.
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