Episode 88′ had Nintendo Power and Super Mario 3

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Well, it’s interesting when you write a comment in a bigger blog than yours. I recently commented on the Grand Theft Auto 4 delay and said that this might be the nail on the coffin for the PS3 as Sony continues to push that the system is the cheapest Blu-ray player and, oh by the way, it can play games too. This also gives them a bigger mountain to climb as it seems Microsoft has a stronger game selection for Christmas and consumers may grab the 360 for the library of games it has already.

Well even with this and a new study that was released about people not knowing about the HD and Blu-Ray capabilities of the PS3, that I feel Sony is really in need of a new push or they will stay #3 while Microsoft and Nintendo duke out for #1 and #2. Well, saying that got me a lot of hate. I laugh because some of the comments are from anonymous people and so I don’t know their background in gaming. But just shows me that I’m starting to make something of myself in gaming journalism.

Anyway, It’s glad to be back and out of school. It’s nice to be out and now just preparing for Penny Arcade Expo. I also can now get back to reading the news in a timely fashion as reading it on Friday night is not a smart idea. I just also got into facebook and really digging it more than the facebook with all it’s crappy spam and anonymous commenters. Thank goodness I can see the people who say I suck.

Speaking of sucking. Let’s get to the show:

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