Episode 89 had the Lynx, Power Glove, and Game Boy

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So it looks like I’m getting close to two more things this week. First we are getting close to the end of the summer and that means Penny Arcade Expo is coming close and the end of two big years of Game Addict Hotline. They say you make your name after the first three years of journalism so I’m hoping to finally make it big as some of the people that are starting to be recognized in blogging and papers.

Anyway, This poses a question for me. I started the podcast to recognize the work of the people in the game industry in the Seattle area and lately I’ve been showing off the work in the casual market. So I’m in a predicament. Should I do one or the other, or both. I really need to do some thinking and hope you enjoy the shows as I try harder to get back on a schedule.

Let’s get this show started.

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