Episode 8 is at number 1000! (Think binary)

Written by Administrator on November 5, 2005 – 10:32 pm -

We received over 100 listeners and we are totally stoked. Our game development club is working on a video game for next year (though I said this year on the podcast.) We are pretty excited. Also we will be having another interview with a game developer in the Seattle area. Hope you will listen. Any who… here’s what you’ll hear in this weeks podcast.

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Game News

-Xbox 360 will not have games on a HD-DVD disc. link
-PSP hackers will release a video player this week. link
-EA gains rights to The Simpsons franchise. link

Top Rentals from GameFly.com
Top pre-Rentals for the Xbox 360
New releases

Our opening song is “Densha” by Covox
The promo was for the Finacial Aid podcast.

You can read our show notes here.

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  1. GRXo8 Says:

    fdgfcb my first message 4

  2. Administrator Says:

    Congrats on learning the basics of blogging. ^_^ Hopefully your next message will have something interesting on it.

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