Conan hit the air waves in “93”

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I love TV. Conan O’Brien, Robot Chicken, Simpsons, Family Guy, etc. It’s funny that people can say there isn’t anything on TV. I could agree with that if we were just talking about TV in the United States. The great thing about the internet and this whole global community thing is getting a chance to see TV in Britan, Japan, China, Australia, and other nations of the world. There is a lot of great stuff. Of course the only problem with the television is that it takes up too much of my gaming time. Especially my Peggle time. Thank goodness I can listen to podcasts and play games at the same time.

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  1. Destoo Says:

    By the way, the game that got me last summer was Dwarf Fortress.
    A new version is about to be released.

    I learned this week that the reason my boss freaked was not that he wanted me to work more, it’s because he did not want to lose me!
    A manager had just fired another employee for that reason (the guy was reading boards and watching videos most of the day.. other reasons, but that stuff didn’t help)

    I love my job.. but I need to do more! FEED ME!!!

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