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Written by Administrator on November 12, 2005 – 2:04 pm -

Hi everyone. Glad you came by to check out the website. If you came for the Oregon Trail, scroll down a little to find it. We also have a podcast for people to listen to if you’re interested. We are close to episode 10 and we hope to have a few cool things. Especially when the Xbox 360 will be released this week. But, here is what was on the podcast.

Download the podcast here


– Katamary Damacy creator may retire early. link
– Jack Thompson excuses himself from GTA trial. link
– List of Compatible Xbox 360 games released. link
– Nintendo Revolution will be cheaper than Xbox 360 and PS3. link

Top rentals from GameFly
Top sales in Europe

New Releases

Video game trivia

The podcast we promoted this week was Otaku Generation

You can read our show notes here.

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