We are at #10 and man am I happy

Written by Administrator on November 18, 2005 – 11:35 pm -

Well we are posting this one week early for the LAN party this Saturday. I had a busy week so the show may be a little weird. Anyway, I hope you come to the event or have a fun time with the Xbox 360 (You bought one right?). Here’s what was on the podcast.

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Game News

-Parents sue Blizzard after a World of Warcraft Death link
-Only 80 games will be profitable each year link
-No DRM on the PS3 link
-Jack Thompson may lose his law license in Alabama link
-Xbox 360 will be released this Tuesday. link

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Top Games in Japan
New releases

The promo was for the CrapMonkey podcast.

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2 Comments to “We are at #10 and man am I happy”

  1. ali bleiweiss Says:

    hi i just love pokemon

  2. Administrator Says:

    Thanks Ali. But I didn’t talk about it in this episode. I think you confused this episode with another.

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