Big News from XNA Gamefest

Written by Administrator on July 22, 2008 – 11:16 am -

Microsoft announces DirectX 11 and free online gaming on the Games for Windows games at XNA Gamefest in Seattle, Wash. Microsoft’s Chris Satchell, Chief Technology Officer for interactive entertainment business, announced the new offerings at the conference’s opening keynote.

DirectX 11 will include according to Satchell:

  • Multi-threaded resource handling
  • A more advanced shader
  • Hardware Tessellation
  • Fully supported in Vista and DirectX 10 and 10.1 hardware

Microsoft’s GM of XNA Group, Boyd Multerer, came on later to discuss the aspects of XNA and discussed new tools that will be released this August.

Xbox Live Community games, games created by the developers club, got more indepth information as well. Multerer discussed that games produced on the developers club will first be sanctioned appropriate by a peer review inside the club. Next, the game will be available for the price of 200, 400 or 800 points to people in the Xbox Live Community area in the new . It was also announced that creators of the games also get 70 percent of the profits from the game.

The community games will be released first in the USA, Canada, France, Italy and Spain. Games can also be bought from the website when it becomes public.

Microsoft also announced big news for Games for Windows with free multi-player for all gamers starting today, reduced tech requirements for new games, and a new marketplace that will be coming out in the future. Satchell also announced that people who bought Live accounts only for PC gaming will be reimbursed for their account.

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