Game Addict Hotline – Episode 108

Written by Administrator on December 26, 2008 – 2:03 am -


Sorry for the Boxing day release. I’m a little behind when family is around. I love the season just for that. I’m also loving Fallout 3. If you have stories about it, tell me. I am so fascinated in the level design. It’s interesting to explore the city and what things you’ll find. Also bought the orange box and got to play Portal and Team Fortress 2. I’m so still in 2006. I hope to try the best in PC this next year.

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2 Comments to “Game Addict Hotline – Episode 108”

  1. LadyM Says:

    Hey, dude! I want more shows! You rock!

  2. LadyM Says:

    Hey, dude! You rock! I want more shows!

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