Casual Connect 2009 – Mochi Media Announcement

Written by Administrator on July 21, 2009 – 2:23 am -

Mochi Media is starting up the news cycle for Casual Connect by announcing that the company will allow for micro-transactions inside flash games. The company will allow gamers to purchase coins that can be used in multiple flash games that use the Mochi Media technology. This according to Mochi Media will allow for more money for flash game developers.

In a beta setup of the service, Ninja Kiwi’s “SAS: Zombie Assault 2” was able to make revenues of $7 – $10 per thousand games played.

“Mochi Coins” will be avaiable for purchase online, with later plans for store purchases. 14 games will be the first to get the treatment. Here are a few:

• Hitstick 4, created by Pyrozen
• Kahoots, created by Gimme5Games
• Little Farm, created by MumboJumbo
• Pupzzle, created by Pencil Kids
• SAS: Zombie Assault 2, created by Ninja Kiwi

My opinion? This is a logical step for flash game makers. The question is whether the game makers will make smart decisions on what the coins will be used for and if the larger groups of web game players are ready to pay for the service. Saturation of the market is the biggest problem I’m seeing right now business wise as everyone wants your money and less choices on how to use it. If there are hundreds doing the same as Mochi Media, gamers may hold off. If though, Mochi Media grabs enough flash devs into doing this and get very ahead of everyone, it has a good chance of thriving.

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