Casual Connect 2009: Facebook Talks, Developers Listen

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If last year I told you that Facebook would be one of the biggest gaming sites with over 55 million players playing at one time, you’d probably think I’m either a visionary or smoking something potheads only dream of. But as social networking becomes the new buzz word, Facebook has become the place to be for casual game developers.

Gareth Davis, Program Manager for Games at Facebook talked about what was going on at Facebook on the first day of Casual Connect and how those who haven’t started or are testing the waters of social gaming could get a better grasp at the audience.

Facebook users, Davis discussed, are using games to play with their friends, compete with their friends, and looking for fun while on the service. Gamers are looking for frictionless gaming and ways to play wherever they go. Designing your game towards social interaction will make the players come to your games more often and more frequently.

Davis ended the talk with some of the guidelines that game developers should look at when creating their games for Facebook. Make the games fun, social and design for sharing with others. The biggest traps that game makers create are porting games directly, spaming gamers and not measuring everything they can when gamers play your game. Also, Davis said, use the resources that Facebook has with its developers forums and discussion sites.

Fun Facts:

  • 70% of users are out of country.
  • 55+ million people are playing games on Facebook at one time.
  • Games are the most popular applications on Facebook.

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