Our podcast got reviewed.

Written by Administrator on February 22, 2006 – 9:53 pm -

I asked a few people on Podcast Pickle to review the site. Here’s what they said.

“Thumbs up: This show successfully transforms the printed game magazine format into audio. With plenty of interesting content presented with playful use of game music this show is very well packaged.

Thumbs down: Despite the host’s lively conversational tone, this show would benefit from a second or third voice to add variety. This could be co-host or even the occasional interview, maybe guest announcers for certain sections of the show (e.g. the tips section).”


“Actually, I don’t hate the site. I am one of the world’s worst gamers (I played through all of RE4 without realizing that there was a “run” button) but I like to sort of follow the gaming industry. There’s are a few things that you seem to cover on your show that I had not previously heard. One thing was the Nintendo DS web browser announcement. That’s just d@#$ cool.

So, I give you a respectable 7.5 stars (Scale of 1 – 11 stars) ”

Thanks for the feedback guys. ^_^

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