Podcast #1 is up.

Written by Administrator on September 16, 2005 – 11:34 pm -

I have finished the Podcast. I started it even though I have no contestants for the Podcast yet. I guess just giving out trivia will work out. Here is the Show Notes.

Download the podcast here


– Nintendo releases their new Controller. link
– Katamary Damacy will come to the PSP. link
– Day of Defeat Mod will be on preorder next week. link
– Happy 20th Birthday Mario link

Top Rentals for last week
Top PC games for August
New Releases

You can see the whole Show Notes as I read them at this link. (link)

Here is something I need to do for Odeo.
My Odeo Channel (odeo/66352d05b7f5b0f7)

I hope that we will be able to keep this weekly. Have a great day.

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