Vote YES on Net Neutrality

Written by Administrator on May 29, 2006 – 11:01 pm -

I am very mad. I was watching the fox station here in the Seattle area. I was watching when a crappy commercial came on talking about how the senators blew it by not doing something about the cable company. They go on to say that they want us to pay for the upgrades for the “new” internet. it ends asking people to vote “no” for net neutrality. What a peice of crap.

I think congress has helped us on the cable companies after reading this report.

If you want the real message of net neutrality, watch this. VOTE YES ON NET NEUTRALITY

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3 Comments to “Vote YES on Net Neutrality”

  1. Jay & Silent Rob » Blog Archive » DownSouth Wrap-up Says:

    […] Luke Stapley was there representing the Game Addict Hotline. Luke is a podcaster covering everything to do with video games, but I was really impressed with his most recent post on net-neutrality. Like ourselves, he seems to be a relatively new to the arena, but provides a fairly useful resource to those looking to keep up-to-date about the world of gaming. […]

  2. tysabri Says:

    You just can�t argue with that, can you?

  3. Guest Says:

    Also on censorship, Welease Bwian is an interesting piece about the making and censoring of Monty Python�s Life of Brian