You Gotta Believe it’s Episode 37

Written by Administrator on June 3, 2006 – 7:27 pm -

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Sometimes it’s better to do two takes of a show. I was not happy at the quality of the first so I did it again with a longer feel. This one is over the 20 minute mark again by 10 seconds so no biggie. MySpace seems pretty lame after I saw this funny clip. I also thought you guys should check out this video of the fountain of “Diet Coke/Mentos”. Anyways, I may have some interviews coming up but until then, here’s the show.

Game News:

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Video Game Trivia

The promo that was played was for the Geek Acres podcast

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4 Comments to “You Gotta Believe it’s Episode 37”

  1. Jubba-Dee Says:

    Dude, you need to take whatever it is in your mouth and take it out before you record your podcast. Seriously. It sounds like you’ve got food in there or something.

    Also, your trivia isn’t Jeopardy… do you really have to announce the answers to your trivia is “What is/What are” format?

  2. Administrator Says:

    First… Thank you for the comments it helps me to get better.

    Second… No I am not eating food, that’s how I sound, trust me I try hard to sound professional.

    this was the second recording I did that day(You should have heard the first one. ugh!),

    and third, you might not know this but my orignal idea is to have two people playing the trivia as contestants. I am just waiting for listenership to increase to a point when this can become a reality. So I just do it as a force of habit. Though the final question usually isn’t a Jeopardy question.

    Thanks for the listen.

  3. Tom Says:


    I have been a long time listener, but it appears your feed is not updating correctly (atleast via iTunes)? I have not seen an episode since ep36 appear and I have tried resetting the feed, using your feedburner feed. Just wanted to let you know that people may not be getting your latest releases.


  4. Administrator Says:

    Thanks for the message. I’m on it.

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