Episode 38 will always Shine Get.

Written by Administrator on June 10, 2006 – 9:41 pm -

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Well, I got in a bad fender bender this friday. Luckily for me it wasn’t my fault. Another fine day in our lives. I found two videos to show you. First, a mashup of Super Smash Bros. Brawl video with the game WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 and a great video from the singer Ken Hirai. Well, let’s get these show notes rolling with some video game news.

Game News:

Top Anticipated Games at GameFly.com
Top Games in Japan
Top Games in UK

Video Game Trivia

The promo that was played was for the Retro Nintendo podcast

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2 Comments to “Episode 38 will always Shine Get.”

  1. Michele Graves Says:

    Hey Luke, your Japanese sounds pretty good! Are you fluent?

  2. Administrator Says:

    Not really. I’ve taken three years of Japanese in college (2 at Everett CC and 1 at Edmonds CC) and can just understand a little of it. Hopefully fluency will come over the years.

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