Game Addict Hotline On XBL Radio

Written by Administrator on June 14, 2006 – 3:56 pm -

XBL’s Live on Live is a great gamers panel for the Xbox 360. If you have a Xbox 360, I’d definitely get on the show yourself. I was on with show hosts Rusty Ranchero and Steve519, and Esko of GamerBabble. I’d check out the show.


Link to XBL Radio

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2 Comments to “Game Addict Hotline On XBL Radio”

  1. Esko Says:

    Luke, I have to say it was an honor to be on the roundtable with you on XBLR. The lost audio segment sucks cause I think that was one of the best parts of the recording done. Either way hopefully we can get another discussion going minus the difficulties we encountered. BTW, love the show man. It’s been permanently added to my blog/podcast list…….keep up the great work Luke….

  2. Rusty Ranchero Says:

    Thank you yet again, Luke. Your second seating on our roundtable was better than ever. Your thoughts about the topics were top notch, especially from a NON-Xbox Live gamers perspective. You are most certainly welcome back to our show in the future. We consider you a Premiere guest.


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