So the idea for this area is to let you see what I saw as I went to different Expo’s and Conferences.

PAX – Penny Arcade Expo was a great event it was a chance to see the pulse of what the average gamer thinks about the industry. The industry continues to change as it starts to become as big as Movies, Television, and other forms of entertainment. So my report was to give you a feel of what I did at PAX. Though I didn’t go to many of the conferences and didn’t go on Sunday, I thought this show really is the best Expo that I’ve been to since that magical “Scout-a-rama” back in the 80’s. Though most things amused me at that time of my life.

Casuality – Casuality was a great oppurtunity to see the casual game market and was my first at site interview show. I think two of the most important things I learned from the event is that the casual game market is getting huge and how game makers in Korea and China make money when piracy is booming in some Asian countries. Thought I dont have a dedicated page for it, click on the link for interviews I did at the conference.