Daily Game Addiction – June 26, 2008

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Sorry for missing yesterday. The move was crazy with boxes upon boxes to take care of. I’m home, computer is up and here are the news of the last two days.

News of the Day:

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Crackdown makers now creating MMOGTA?

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The Scottish developers of Crackdown, Realtime Worlds, don’t have a new version of crackdown in their future. The company has decided to go back to its roots with a MMO game. The game is Grand Theft Auto MMO and have their CEO, David Jones, one of the original GTA developers, on hand to help in its creation according to John Duthie, Head of HR at Realtime Worlds.

So why no Crackdown 2? Seems according to Duthie, Microsoft waited too long to renew their contract with Realtime Worlds. I guess if you have a score of game makers with no game deal and you needed to start a new game so that you can pay your team, I would do the same. I’m trying to get some official confirmation from the games development team or public relations at GDC.

UPDATE: The game is named APB and Realtime Worlds will be having a session about it Thursday at 5:30. I also added a picture from the employment hall.

UPDATE2: Okay. Seems everyone knew they were making the APB game but me. I guess that’s not the news. Seems no crackdown on Realtimes Worlds’ minds is the big story. You can check out info on the game now here

APB at GDC 08

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