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Written by Administrator on October 12, 2010 – 9:40 am -

Hey everyone, remember me? Well, I’m back (I hope) for some more postings and reviews. I am not really ready to do a game podcast again, but maybe if things work out, I’ll get back to that in the winter.

So, what happened these past few months. Well, I lost my job at Microsoft two years ago and was very bummed about it. No jobs for a few months made me decide to try my luck in China. I went to Shanghai in October and was very lucky to get a job offer from PopCap. Sadly, they didn’t think I was a good fit at the time and I was let go in December.

After that, I had another few months of no work until I got a job at VMC. The people I worked with were a lot better now then what I read in a few news articles written about it in the past. After that, got my English Teaching certificate for ESL (English as a second language) and moved back to China.

I’m currently in Guangzhou, it is North of Hong Kong and the third largest city in China. There are not a lot of gaming companies in the area, but a lot of gamers here. I plan to spend most of my time now talking to you guys and gals about the game industry in China. It’s an interesting subject and one that I don’t think a lot of westerners see.

With the boom of the iPhone and Android, mobile gaming companies in China are growing fast and the issues surrounding gaming in China are becoming very grey with counterfeits, selling systems that are technically illegal, and the large growth in social gaming. I hope to write some articles on this and hopefully you can add a few words too on my experiences and news. Also will do game reviews on some iPod games coming out of China as well. I would love to get your input on this new part of GAH. So please be patient as this is my second job and my Chinese is still on the rocks. :-)

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