Episode 98 Revives a Struggling Show

Written by Administrator on March 31, 2008 – 12:39 am -


I’m struggling to get the shows out due to school and work, once again. I was out of school last week and should be in my last semester. This is a lot of awesomeness right now. I’m going to get a degree and now have to fight for my money and pay off my debts. Hopefully I’ll do that with no problem. Anywho, I accidentally made the show in Mono. It’s ok, my voice is mono anyway. I’ll be adding PC sales next show.

Game Trivia:

  • Gaming League Acronyms
  • Sega Master System Games
  • WiiWare Games
  • Gaming news
  • Games From Yester-years

Top Games in USA
Top Games in Japan
Top Games in UK

Game Addictions:

  • GDC Recap

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